Just read this post and it struck a chord with me. The whole piece describes a situation that is all-too familiar, but I was specifically taken by the following quote:

"we need time to think. I mean this quite literally: thought requires time. Ideas need some idle, nonproductive space in which to thrive. This kind of sustained thinking is an important part of being human, but it’s also vital for good academic work."

I could not agree more—I could try, but I would not be successful—and it's something I've begun implementing in my own work-life as well. So don't be surprised or offended if I say 'no' to whatever you're inviting me to do or contribute to in the upcoming weeks or months, because to paraphrase Apple slightly, it takes a thousand no's to arrive at a single yes.

  1. Another catalyst in my thinking about this has been this book, which I read over the Easter break.